Odd Things Are Happening

I have been in a bit of a slump, both writing and running. I have made sure to keep up on the running until this past Tuesday. It was just supposed to be my 30 minute maintenance run, but I really, really, really (could go on) didn’t want to do it. So I didn’t. My excuse was that I was to busy, to tired, worn out from school, just ate, its storming outside, and everything else I could think of. Wednesday morning came and went, and by the time I knew it I was looking outside into a sunset. That is when I looked at the wife and said “I have no choice. I need to do this run”.



It was raining all day and it was extremely humid outside. Horrible conditions for me to be running in, but I went out and on my way. I have never sweat so much in a 30 minute run in all my life. After all was said and done, I set a new average pace record (11:38) and a new distance for my time (2.58 miles). Talk about being happy about doing my run, I was ecstatic. After this run I am dying to sign up for a 5k sometime soon. Plus something odd happened.

I really wanna go out and run right now. I know, especially this early in my training, I need the rest day. I am so ready to get out there again and run and just enjoy myself. I cant remember the last time I felt so energized to workout. Instead of running today I will be doing a little core strengthening and maybe a light bike ride. Speaking of, I just bought a great looking bike worth $120, for just $40. Great deal and I have been really looking for a bike to do some cross-training.

Running Day 5

Another 30 minute tune up run was completed on Thursday. I decided to change my splits to 35/45 and what a difference. I felt great afterwards and was surprised at the results. I felt like I was running slower, and in fact I was. My max speed was slower than average and my walk speed was also a little slower (that was one of my goals), but my overall pace increased by half a minute a mile (what?). I think I found a good split time for me right now, especially in this heat. I am sure that this will change as I get more comfortable running and cooler weather comes around (in FL? Yeah right). Today is my 4 mile run. The last time I ran that far was back in 2003 when I was still in the Army. I really am nervous about being able to maintain my pace and splits. Only way to find out is to hit the road tonight and just do it.

3 Mile Review, and more….

So I may have, kinda, maybe, sorta, forgot to post about my 3 mile run on Sunday. Good news, I decided to go for the extra 0.1 miles and hit a new 5k PR of 38:28. I actually felt really good after my run and was kinda wishing I was running a little more. I still am maintaining my 30/1:00 splits since it is hot no matter what time I choose to run.

I also forgot to post about my 30 minute maintenance run on Tuesday. That one didn’t go as well as I was hoping. I think I pushed myself a little to hard, I had to walk my last few run splits. Even still, I was on a great pace and would have beat my old 30 minute distance. Well technicality I did beat it by a whole 0.02 miles. Not much, but better than my last run. Improvement is always good.

Tomorrow I have another 30 minute maintenance run. I am really thinking about changing my splits to 30/45 and slowing down a little, wanna see how that works out. I am also going to ATTEMPT to get up early and do this run. Waiting for the evening is risky this time of the year, you never know when it may start storming.  Ahhhh, gotta love Florida summers.

13th Anniversary

Today is my 13th year of being married to my beautiful and wonderful wife. I never have much to say on the social media side of things, so I figured I would say something on my blog.
Thank you for saying “I love you” back to me.
Thank you for saying that you would date me.
Thank you for saying “yes” when I asked you to marry me.
Thank you for saying “I do”.
And thank you for continuing to be there for me every minute of every day. I love you, and here’s to another 13+ years.


Training Day 2:

I once again slept in and did not get started until later in the day. At least this time it had been raining all morning, so it didn’t feel as hot as before. I was lucky to go up to the local college and run around the campus, which is exactly 1 mile around (gotta love that). This was another 30 min run and I actually felt pretty good on the entire run. With the heat and my lack of fitness, I once again used the negative slits 30/1:00. I am happy to say that I finished my 30 min in 2.30 miles. I was a little disappointed that I did not meet my goal of 2.5 miles, but hey 2.30 is still dang good. Also, look what I got….


Last night I finally was able to buy a foam roller. HOLLY PAIN! And then what great relief. Whoever came up with this torture device is a genius. I need to stop writing here and go get on roll on…….


First a little bit of history….. Independence Day is the celebration of Americas deceleration of independence from Great Britain. In truth, legal separation occurred on July 2 and not the 4th.  The first signatures on the Declaration of Independence were not penned until almost a month after the July 4th (August 2), and the last person to sign (Matthew Thornton) didn’t do so until November 4, 1776.



All that being said, as a former soldier in the US Army (and a lover of history), Independence Day is extremely important to me. To me it is more than just family, friends, food, beer, fun, and fireworks. I am reminded of the men who fought and died for something that they believed in so passionately. Had we not won the war for independence, these men would have been killed for treason, and the world would be a very different place.

Please take some time to remember what we are actually celebrating on this day. If you have a chance, find a solider and thank them for continuing to protect your freedoms. Be safe this weekend and enjoy the time with friends and family, and have a little fun to.US-Flag-Group-Waving-in-Breeze.images

Day 1 Review

So I at least started my training yesterday, finally. I unfortunately didn’t get started till around 10 am, not the ideal time for a run in the summer in Florida. I got ready, sunscreened up, and set out on my new adventure. Turns out it wasn’t to much of an adventure since I didn’t even leave the neighborhood (this WILL change). With the heat and humidity I had to start with negative splits, 30 sec run/ 1 min walk, and seemed to work out well for me. I carried a water bottle with me and dropped it off at a location that I would be passing again. The idea being that I would only drink some water at the millage it is normally offered in races. Thankfully I wasn’t dying for more water during my run. So after all was said and done, I finished 2.75 miles in 40 min (this included 5 min warm-up/cool-down). Not what I was hoping for, but something is better than nothing!

Fail Bomb!

I have always been an evening runner, but that may have to change starting tomorrow. Tonight was going to be day 1 of my marathon training, but as always in Florida, lightning and storms have ruined my training already (not good for someone who tends to put things off).

Image    Image

Well tomorrow is another day, and I plan on waking up early. So my training will be off one day from the rest of the Team #runDisney group. I might be able to get back on track next week…..hummmm, great idea.

Anyway until then, as Dory would say, “Just keep swimming”

Starting over, AGAIN!

Tomorrow I start the long and painful journey of training for a marathon. My goal was to be able to signup for the runDisney Walt Disney Wold marathon weekend. Unfortunately that didn’t happen, talk about a quick sellout! As an alternative my training will payoff by completing in the Gasperilla Distance Classic, Michelob Ultra Challenge in February.


The challenge consists of 15k and 5k on Saturday and finish with 1/2 marathon and 8k on Sunday. Over 30 miles in two days, I’m nuts! The best I have done is a 5k in 40:46 back in February. This should be a fun challenge since I have been on my butt for way to long. So it looks like my schedule will be eat, school, run, study, sleep. And the interesting part about it all, I am super excited about taking this journey, just not in the Florida heat and humidity.

A little background about me.

My name is Josh and I am a runner. Well at least in my head I am. I was a runner when I was in school and when I was in the army. Once I got out of the military in 2003, I had enough of that running stuff. From that point till June 2012 I went from 155 lbs to 230 lbs. I had to take control of myself and get back into shape somehow. I started by riding a stationary bike at night. After a few nights of ridding, I suddenly began to feel pains in my armpits and automatically thought I was having a heart attack. Off to the ER I went. Thank God I was only having a panic attack.
From that day on things went from bad to worse. I ended up having none stop panic/anxiety attacks, to the point that I felt like I couldn’t be alone. During this time I also contracted a very bad stomach bug that lasted about a month. Within that month I dropped from 230 lbs down to 180 lbs. sounds good and all, but it may have been the worst month of my life. Things for me were so bad that I had to leave my job and figure something out. My wife, always supporting me, encouraged me to go to college and seek a degree. So that’s what I am doing now. Things started to get better for me, with the help of a great doctor, counseling, and medication.
This is where the running part comes in. Out of the blue I told my wife that I wanted to run a 5k. I have no clue what motivated me or how I even came up with the idea. All I know is that I signed up for a 5k that was in December of 2013. I got my brother-in-law and nephew to signup with me. I showed up on the race morning having no clue what to do or where to go. I found the packet pick up area and got my race bib, shirt, and goody bag. I thought to myself that this wast going to be to bad. I made one huge mistake, I didn’t know the course. Being in FL this normally isn’t that big of a deal, but in this case the race went there and back over a very steep (for a beginner runner) bridge. I was totally caught off guard and walked almost the entire race. The good news was that I finished.
From there I ran one more 5k in February 2014. I was better prepared for this one, so I thought. I got there early and made sure I knew where everything was. I even drove the course three times over the past month. And this time I recruited my wife and uncle (both first timers, that’s me on the left).


I did my mental check list. Bathroom. Check. Shoes tied. Check. Bib on and ipod ready. Check. What could go wrong?
Well it turns out that after about 3/4 of a mile I had the worst pain on each side of my lower back. I thought for sure that I was going to have to be pulled off the course. I walked the next mile plus and the pain eased enough for me to run it in at the end. Since I have bad anxiety over medical issues, I went straight to the doctors on the following Monday. Kidneys all checked out fine and dandy. Whew. Ok so what was the pain from? The best I can tell, I really have no core muscle strength.
You know how when you ask yourself how much worse can it get, and think that it can’t get worse? Yeah I had that moment. Then I was hit with the stress from school work. This stress cause me to have a ton of chest pains, and the cycle almost begin again. This time I had a cardio work up and stress test. Clean as a whistle. Turns out now I have something called GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease). This was sever at the time so more meds.
This brings me to now. I have issues. These issue will not kill me, but they are issues that I must deal with everyday. I am a runner in my head because at this point I have anxiety about running again. This is kind of why I started this blog. I know that I can beat the issues that I have. That sad part is that what will help my issues is also what I have anxiety about, running and working out.
So this is my journey. This is my journey to be a runner. This is my mission to be a healthier and better person. It is my goal to be the husband that my wife and God expect me to be.



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